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“Reflecting on yourself can be a happiness booster. You might think that you haven’t achieved anything good, but on self-reflection, you may be beyond amazed by your achievements.”

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A lot of people have asked me if there is a formula or secret to staying happy, or always being happy. Honestly, there is no secret. However, I have 10 ways in which I try my very best to stay as happy as I can;

1. Prayer

As much as I get really absorbed and entertained in worldly affairs, at the back of my mind, I know that prayer is key. There’s nothing more that can fill your heart with happiness and joy than knowing you pray to Him. Try it. Just take 5-10 minutes out of your busy schedule and pray. He listens and you will see a change in your lifestyle.

2. Being Content

This is one of the most essential things that gives me a sense of appreciation and joy. You can’t be happy or move forward in your life if you aren’t content with the things you have now. You need to acknowledge and appreciate what you have now in order to open doors to future possibilities. Being content with yourself fills up the happiness void!

3. Positivity

A positive mind leads to a happy life. I usually try my level best to see the positive side of everything that happens around me. Being positive helps in boosting ones morale.

4. Giving

One trait most humans have is that we like to be given. However, try giving from time to time. It will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness to know that you gave someone something that will help them. Personally, giving is one of my biggest joys.

5. Smiling

Smiling is free. You never know how someone’s day began or ended, so your simple smile might give them a sense of relief and hope they need to carry on with their day.

6. Outgoing

Being outdoors might just be the best thing for you. To avoid being a couch potato or feeling sorry for yourself, go out there and clear your mind by attracting good energy. Whether it’s a simple stroll or a stop over at a coffee shop, just go for it and bring in your happy.

7. Chocolate

Personally, I think chocolate is heaven on earth! It has this special ability to make you feel happy. Of course, too much chocolate is not good for you, but once in a while go out there and buy yourself a bar of chocolate. You can never go wrong with Cadbury Dairy Milk – its smooth chocolatey taste is what happiness is all about.

8. Self-Reflection

Through the hustle and bustle of living and chasing dreams, we can lose ourselves in a gloomy void. Reflecting on yourself can be a happiness booster. You might think that you haven’t achieved anything good, but on self-reflection, you may be beyond amazed by your achievements.

9. A Good Book

Not everyone is a bookworm, but everyone can at least read one or two books a year. Reading a good book allows your mind to escape reality and be lost in a word beyond your imagination. And from time to time, we need that just to drift away. It allows you to appreciate your imagination and be something you’re not for a few moments.

10. Fresh Air

Breathe in, Breathe out. Oh my… you are happier already!


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